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in northeast washington. signals are on flash here south dakota avenue at michigan avenue. again, if you come up to the intersection, you want to treat it as a four-way stop. approaching pennsylvania avenue, accident still inly with only one leap to the right getting by. only about an eight-minute trip as you travel south of 50 heading down towards the accident scene. right now, to accidents to report coming inbound off of 66. lanes are open as you work your way out of manassas. slow traffic, 50 to 123 and again at the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> one big story wave been following this morning. the president's plan to find unemployed americans find work. most recent unemployment number will be released tomorrow. as of july, the rate stood at 9.1%. next thursday, the president will outline his plan to jump start the economy. >> the date was pushed back a day after complain from house speaker john boehner. fox 5's sherry ly live on capitol hill with more on the speech fallout. >> reporter: it is when the president wanted to deliver this speech that set off a fire s
'll and michigan they were reported stolen or carjacked in michigan meanwhile they were driven to canada and shipped overseas and sold >> we got more ahead out with weather and traffic this thursday morning an easy ride out this morning. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. mel gibson law have to pay his former girlfriend had support the former charmed actress and posted it on her twitter account earlier this morning the eye is going beyond the new chip show. >> time now 5:56 a.m. we are waiting for a warmup this weekend 93 for the inland today. we get the hot sun and cool down all little coming up on the kron 4 morning new-line san jose police officer is in jail on child molestation charges. >> this is a live look of the golden gate
probablemente surta efecto... take vo ---fijese que, un nuevo estudio de la universidad de michigan, encontro que los jovenes ven positivos los mensajes que les envian a traves del movil y que les invitan a comer saludablemente. ---por ejemplo... puede decirle... "sabes que si tomas agua, perderas ms peso que si tomas sodas?" son mensajes que los jovenes reciben con agrado. --ahora bien, el estudio tambien encontro, que los mensajes son mejor recibidos, si provienen de otro adolescente. take vo ---los adolescentes varones, son quienes mas bebidas azucaradas toman en el pais, comparado con el resto de la poblacion y esto les lleva a padecer de obesidad y posteriorment e problemas cardacos. ---asi lo determino, un estudio del centro de control de enfermedades. ---en promedio, los adolescentes toman 2 latas de refrescos azucarados, de 12 onzas al dia y la asociacion americana del corazon, recomienda no mas de4 a la semana. ---asi que, lo mejor sera que elimine las sodas y bebidas azucaradas de su refrigerador. cu ---un grupo de investigadore s, ha encontrado mayor prevalencia de cancer de la pro
" decal and it was stolen from a michigan parking lot while santa was doing volunteer work. police are looking for people to be on the lookout for someone naughty driving a stolen station wagon. can you believe it? have a great day. ,,
rented in the united states in ohio and michigan and then reported stolen in detroit they were driven to canada and then later shipped overseas and sold. >> this is a missing woman eye out of oakland she weighs a hundred and 60 lbs. he's 5 ft. 4 she was last seen july 24th she has her mother's car it is a 94 red honda civic with these how for new plates. >> new details as we approached 10th anniversary of the 911 emergency it responders can still no longer communicate with one another it is still lacking a nationwide first responder network behal. they said this ws critical failure that cost a lot of lives. and we will be right back is the kron 4 morning news continues and the this is the james lick freeway. we're following some medical news this morning they claim 60% they have high levels of chemicals arsenical lead and mercury in most of the car seat monarchs high incidence of these chemicals can cause of reproductive problems a list of best and worst car seats are our and our wednesdawebsite find. >> dow is now u28doww down 28. >> this is a live look outside from our roof camera a
, michigan playground -- the marina harbor, and mission playground. phase 2 projects are all in the design process. 140th birthday of golden gate park. fountains, gardens, ball fields, and even trash cans are getting a facelift. the planning team oversaw the completion of the north beach library and secured prop 84 grants. bonn programs are under way. last is our commitment to our own administrative deficiencies. as we reported previously, our staff has achieved a $370,000 reduction in workers' comp savings in the last 12 months. we did a very detailed custodian service analysis. custodians were reallocated to better meet needs. we are just beginning a reorganization of our aquatics program that will ensure more and better service to the public. it has been a very full fiscal year 2010-2011. we are looking forward to a fabulous 2011-2012. a very big shout out and thank you to the rec and park staff. i can tell you without a doubt that this is the hardest working, most dedicated staff. that concludes the general managers' report. commissioner buell: for being so brief, thank you. [laughter]
. there were a lot of people not allowed to see me. the michigan department of corrections shut that down. they figured out ways to get people not to come. they told me i was not going to be treated special, so i was treated a specially bad, so i did not get the same treatment as everyone else. they were shunning people like reverend jackson and a lot of other people who attempted to come see me. they were turned away at the door. i did hear you tried to come see me, and i wish i would have had a chance to see you at that point, because when you were coming was six months after i had been there, and i had been through a time when i felt i needed to close myself in. i was tutoring people. i was in the yard every day, so i went through that solitary time and more into the rest of my life, because i started that inside. >> i could spend hours talking to you about what is in this book and other comments i have. now the rest of your life -- how do you envision the rest of your life starting with this federal trial? how does kwame kilpatrick at still such a young age see himself navigating the
teachers for michigan state and without we see the mid-80s, how can gates went to school and concentrate? >> reporter: parents complained they were not notified of the not down. in the future schools will notify parents immediately. >>> we have an update on it and run accident that killed a 74- year-old woman. the woman was lucky on what is homestead road which was shot by a small motor home but she later died at a hospital. officers found the motor home at a nearby shopping center and the driver into custody. >>> ottawa senators after september 11, americans are secret but still more work needs to be done, according to a report. commissioner members say that one of the recommendations that has not been followed is giving first responders their own radio frequencies in a critical failure on september 11. >>> ten he is, we it's okay talk to each other. >> the failure to beef up requirements for state issued identification and problems with protecting airline. >>> justice department is trying to disconnect at&t's $39 million merger with t-mobile. they filed an antitrust the senate what i w
american festivals that began that year. one in denver, michigan, new york city, british columbia, and i'm forgetting the other one. we are the only one that still stands at this time. it's very difficult to put a festival on of this caliber. working with rec and park and the city has been -- ajoy might be too strong of word, but it has been a great partnership. san francisco's outside lands is not just a music festival, but it is a celebration of san francisco and northern california. the music has always been a rich part of san francisco's history. 25% of the bands that performs at the festival are local bands. the other 75% of artists are internationally renowned dance. this year we had phish, muse, john fogarty from credence clearwater revival, and badu. we also celebrate san francisco's food culture. we are probably one of the only festivals in the country and maybe the world that all of the food vendors except for one our local restaurants. it is really showing the diversity and the excellence of our food culture here in san francisco. in addition, we have over 30 wineries from nor
from the dakotas to upper michigan. heavy downpours from southern texas to tampa. thunderstorms from arizona up to montana. >> 74 in boston. 91 in atlanta. 88 in miami. mostly 90s from minneapolis to indianapolis. dallas, phoenix and colorado springs soar past the 100-degree mark yet again. >> staying hot there for sure. >>> the white house appears to be on the losing end of a politicacafight in washington. president obama agreed to move his major jobs speech after republicans complained that it conflicted with their presidential debate. mr. obama will speak on thursday, the same night as the nfl's first game of the season. with more on the jobs speech here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: the president knows solving the job crisis may be the key to keeping his job. republicans in congress know that too. which may explain why the two parties can't even agree on a date. >> we are at a moment when we need to take significant action. >> reporter: officially, 13.9 million americans are out of work. but economists say the real number is nearly twice that size. including people in part-t
storms around sioux falls, fargo, minneapolis and the upper peninsula of michigan. show frers burlington, vermont, to pittsburgh. thunderstorms in the rockies. >> triple digits in phoenix and colorado springs. 91 in sacramento. and just 68 in seattle. 90s from the twin cities to kansas city. 102 in dallas. 83 here in new york. and 91 in atlanta. >>> well, the forecast in one spanish town yesterday, sunny with a chance of meatballs, almost. but it was raining tomatoes, thanks to the massive food fight called the tomatina. >> some 40,000 folks showed up for this year's annual event. 120 tons of ripe tomatoes are tossed from trucks to the crowds who then toss them at each other. and for all that, the revels last just one hour, then the town opens up all the fire hydrants so everyone can wash off. this actually dates all the way back to 1944 and started very innocently dudung a parade when two kids had a tomato fight. >> look at all the fun. i guess you really have to love tomatoes to be into that. >> you would have to. good thing they have those hydrants. >> i love that book, cloudy with a
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of nature actually calms the brain. in fact, researchers from the university of michigan found that workers who took just a ten-minute break to observe trees and flowers, even in photographs, saw their memory and attention span jump by 20%. >> the body is made for motion. not for keeping frozen posture for long periods of time. >> reporter: and if you are a closet internet surfer, a study from the university of singapore will thrill you. occasional zone-out breaks like this are actually mentally refreshing and will make you more productive when you get back to work. just remember to get back to work. deborah robebes, abc news, new york. >> that is good news for all of us. >>> and coming up, the general of a generation retires. what a difference he made in of a generation retires. what a difference he made in america's longest wars. to keep life balan i don't always have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can
, michigan, iowa and north carolina, they hope they can get the lights back on much sooner, brian? >> and just one state out of 11 states still dealing with out ans tonight. anne thompson, ridgefield, connecticut. >>> and as we track the new threat out over the atlantic, katia has strengthened overnight. but tonight the storm has been downgraded to a tropical storm. and again tonight, it still too early according to forecasters to tell when, where or if katia will impact the west coast. but there is a more immediate threat, sadly. there's a weather system churning tonight over the gulf of mexico, and it's looking l e likely it will become a tropical depression or a tropical storm over the next 24 hours, that could mean heavy rain for days. most important, most immediately this evening, they're already evacuating offshore oil rigs in the gulf of mexico and of course we are greatly concerned over new orleans, just days after the sixth anniversary of katrina. >>> now from rain to exactly the opposite. a part of the country where it's been so hot and dry, the problem now is raging an
peninsula of michigan. showers meanwhile, from b burlingt burlington, vermont, to pittsburgh. >> 83 in salt lake city. and near 90 in albuquerque. dallas climbs to 102. chicago, 91. detroit, 85. 74 in boston. 84 in baltimore and 91 in new orleans. >> and coming up after the break, the report card that warns we are not for eady for another 9/11 attack. >>> and then why the suspect in the case of a missing american in aruba isn't getting out of jail any timim soon. >>> perhaps the nastiest story of the day. a mystery is afoot in vancouver where severed feet are washing ashore. >>> overseas markets are up this morning on good economic and financial news from the u.s. tokyo's nikkei average gained 99 points today. hong kong's hang seng is up more than 200. in london the ftse opened higher. on wall street the dow was up 53 1/2 points yesterday. the nasdaq index was up 3, however, it was the worst august in ten years for both indices. >>> washington says no to a major merger. the justice department is now suing to block at&t's acquisition of t-mobile. the government says the deal would decrease c
time criminal defense attorneys who work on michigan street. and if you get accused of a crime, those are the people you want to call. >> that's my approach. and they're both former public defenders, right? >> yes, they are. they are both former public defenders here in san francisco. without giving away too much of the story, there may be a return at some point to that particular office where they would, of course, be working for you. >> anytime. [laughing] there seems to be such a huge disconnect, you know, between what you see on tv and even what you read about. most of the tv shows like "law & order" you have a judge who's eminently fair, a prosecutor who is completely ethical, a defense attorney who doesn't show up half the time. these images really result -- i know this as a public defender, because the portrayals of public defenders are usually negative. why? i ask this to the entire panel. why is there such a disconnect between the reality of what really happens in our court and the way that many americans are force fed, really, this mythology? tony? >> i think in a corrupt so
for lobster, cars and ice cream. the three states with the fewest big disasters? maine, michigan and ironically this week at least, vermont. clearly mother nature doesn't always follow government st statist statistics. and the locusts? they have to go somewhere. john berman, abc news, new york. >> thanks for watching tonight. we're always reporting on exclusive interview with marc anthony later. i'll see you tomorrow on "gma." have a good night.
to not consider the unemployed. similar jobs or laws about those jobs are pending in new york and also in michigan. >>> the extreme heat in texas making it really tough for drivers. maybe they are thinking twice before hitting the road. >> up next, how the heat caused a massive sink hole to swallow this suv. >>> also ahead, now developments in the case against accused killer drew petersen. what his attorneys are asking for. we will tell you ahead. but first up to new york for a look at this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, it's happened again. and apple employee reportedly lost an iphone 5 prototype in a bar. apple tried to recover it and couldn't. merger between t mobile and at&t hit a stumbling block. sonny unveiled the tablet dough vice s&p what sets them apart is their design especially the p which features two screens and folds like a clamshell. sam of the "new york times" wonders if it's too radical. >> the only issue might be it gets stuck kind of in between two categories. it is either too small and sort of odd for a tablet, or too big compared to a smart phone. on
. this morning, we're watching showers and storms off into pennsylvania, new york state, michigan. ontario. around here, clear to partly cloudy skies as a very comfortable start to the day. we've got 68 here. 61 down in southern maryland, culpepper, fredericksburg. prince frederick with 61. we've got steven city checking in with 54. winchester 63. off to the east, easton and salisbury, 61. ocean city this morning is very comfortably cool, 57. in town, 68. wind southwest at 3 miles per hour. the dew points have crept up a little bit. still not a bad range. 61. out toward culpepper, just a little bit of fog out there. 3/4 mile visibility. you see the thunderstorms up here. we won't worry about that as much as what is going on in the gulf of mexico as a tropical wave is trying to get going here. this could become an area of low pressure the next day or two. become a storm. maybe a big storm here. models are indicating tropical development likely this would become a depression first and potentially lee is the next storm on the list. around here, weak disturbance passing off to the north. that'
exciting, chrysler just announced they're going to build the maserati right here in detroit michigan for skport around the world. the ford explorer is going to be exported around the world. the chevy volt, both those chevy volts can be sold in europe. we're making vehicles for export. >> how wrong were the republicans who opposed it. >> well, it was crazy. it's just -- they don't care about american workers. they don't care about the middle class, they just want to get more tax breaks to the wealthiest corporations. president obama and the democrats against all the polls, they stood up to the american worker. they stood up to the american companies and look at the succe success. they were right. let's stay with them. let's support them and do right for america. creating more jobs for america. >> you're in negotiation right now for a new contract. will your union be with you if you make a deal with the big three? >> you know, they're complicated issues. there are always major hurdles in negotiations. we've worked through much tougher issues, much tougher times with these companies. we
center in michigan told the employees and now more sectors in the health care industry are forcing both adults and children to be vaccinated and now we is a discussion of whether that is trampling our individual rights. we are joined by dr. nancy snyderman and our own medical journalist. you are a supporter of vaccines, aren't you, nancy snyderman? >> yes. the companies want you to be healthy and when you want the bottom line to be profitable, and if you don't show up, it is critical. if you are a doctor or nurse, you have a moral responsibility not to add to someone's disease burden and if you decide not to be vaccinated and you put a patient in harm's way that is an egregious moral fault. >>> jamie, an influenza vaccination has been recommended, but from a league al stanpoint s there something wrong with imposing a rule on employees? >> well, we are a country in which a individual has a right to his or her body, and the constitution recognizes that right. the 4th amendment right of being free of unreasonable searches and seizures and our right to privacy, but all of that goes to the r
. researchers from the university of michigan found that workers who took just a ten minute break to observe trees and flowers even in photographs saw the memory and attention span jump many by 20%. >> your body is made for motion, not for keeping frozen posture for long periods of time. >> and if you are a closet internet surfer a study from the university of singapore will thrill you. occasional breaks like this will make you more productive when you get back to work. just remember to get back to work. >> that is the tough part, getting back to work. i will punch out for the next three minutes and let larry do some. >> when she says occasional zoneout period she is talking about four or five hours. >> right. >> is that what she means? >> that is the way we roll in the sports department. work place environment. the giants work place changed a lot today. two veterans on the way out. also on the way out, this ball hit by pablo sandoval. could the giants finally end the losing? nap ti our planes start flying when it's dark. and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, ever
further questions about the government backed loan. michigan congressman fred upton relates some of those concerns to "good morning america." >> we have been raising questions about the get-go and it's bad news that we got today, they filed for bankruptcy and again, leaving the taxpayer holding the bag probably. >> "good morning america" will have more on the story later this morning. the company's public profile was boosted last year when president obama visited the company. he said it was a key part of his administration's green initiative. they initiated a blok post after the shutdown yesterday saying in part, we have always recognized that not every one of the innovative companies would succeed but we can't stop investing to game changing technologies that is key to the economy. they took a 42 price plunge this year mostly because of low priced chinese solar panel that has is backed by the chinese government. >>> solyndra plant closure will add to fremont's problems. three years ago they had a jobless rate of 4% but the recession hit and nummi plant closed ending 4500 more jobs and cu
lamentable tragedia? >>> estaba en michigan de vacaciones, y me dicespertaron n grito, miren lo que estaba pasando en nueva york, vimos a ver la televisiÓn no parecÍa real parecÍa una pelicula de acciÓn, de terror, se fue la primera torre, la segunda torre y estÁbamos como zombies, no podÍamos hablar ni nada nos quedamos un dÍa mÁs y regresamos a nueva york de nuestro patio se ve ahÍ el humo saliendo ahi >>> se refiere a este patio, es la primera vez que le abre las puertas a un canal de televisiÓn, este supuesto inversionista fue su primer dueÑo >>> esta es mi sammy soza favoritsala favorita, >>> la historia de la mansiÓn de 4 habitaciones. >>> es difÍcil para sacar el baÚl. para. >>> no chocar en la pared >>> que no se tumbe >>> ya hora de hablar de su nuevo espectÁculo cÓmico que presentÓ con Éxito en nueva york y a partir de el 30 de septiembre, llega al teatro ricardo montalvan de los Ángeles >>> un espectÁculo, en el que, dice cosas fuertes, >>> muy, muy fuerte >>> de quiÉn hace el comentario >>> el peor comentario, el peor comentario, creo que es un poquito a m
the united states. >> ifill: a recent string of arrests in michigan, ohio, utah and illinois captured many californians, all caught with large hauls of marijuana. >> brown: ten years later, how safe is the u.s. from terror attacks? members of one of the key investigating groups weigh in. three years after the terror attacks on new york and washington. the 9/11 commission issued a report that looked back with a dramatic recounting of events leading up to that tragic day and projected forward with recommendations to prevent future attacks. >> every expert with whom we spoke told us an attack of even greater magnitude is now possible, and even probable. we do not have the luxury of time. we must prepare and we must act. >> brown: the 500 page report instantly became a best seller. it included 41 recommendations for federal, state and local governments and agencies. among them: the creation of a director of national intelligence to coordinate intelligence gathering as well as foreign and domestic operations; consolidated congressional oversight of homeland security and intelligence and streaml
for hours. fight biofilm with listerine®. >>> welcome back. it is a moment of truth for michigan's 50,000 state employees. officials will decide today whether to issue mass layoffs which would take effect october 1st. the decision comes after talks stalled between republican governor rick snyder and the state's public worker unions. snyder's administration is seeking $145 million in concessions. >>> the toughest anti-bullying law in the country goes into effect today in new jersey. schools have to implement new anti-bullying education programs and certain districts can even call the police to report school bullies who can be suspended or expelled. some say the rules go too far. >>> an ordeal for a colorado man forced to amputate his own toes when his foot got stuck in a piece of heavy machinery. john was alone in the woods when it happened. he thought he might die and it quickly became clear he was out of options. >> i did everything else. i mean, i started cutting that boot, then i decided i got to do that and see if i couldn't slide it out that way. then when i saw the foot, i reali
. few showers this morning. far north of us in pennsylvania, new york state. ohio. michigan and ontario. from that, we may see a couple of clouds later on. 50s, frederick. gaithersburg at 57 this morning. got 65 on the bay at the naval academy. 61 fredericksburg and culpepper. look at the forecast highs today. closer to 80 on the bay. the rest of us, low to mid- 80s. a decent afternoon. what about the drive in this morning. here's monika. >> good morning. it is the green light everybody. if you're planning to head over into virginia, we'll take a look live there first and the maps, no problems on the beltway. we'll zoom in to 95 south of town and take a look live. out of dumfries up toward woodbridge and springfield and over to 395, you'll be ok. back to the maps, this time let's zoom into the other side. 66 coming in from the west. all of the green cars means you're good to go. let's take a live look. here's what it looks like at 66 in manassas. no problems in toward fairfax and inside the beltway to the roosevelt bridge. now a look at the travel times first on the outer loop. 95 to 2
wheels. at members of the crime organization and rented them and ohio and michigan, the suspects then reported the car stolen or carjacked in detroit. but they would actually drive the cars to canada, investigators say that the cars were shipped to the middle east and then sold. and a jobs fair in los angeles today, the line wrapped around the block. like this, some job seekers are arrived at 3:00 a.m. and the event today was one of several across the country the cells organized by the congressional black caucus, currently the united states unemployment rate is just above 9%. >> a live look outside at the golden gate bridge this afternoon still fall be right along the bridge, the sunny skies through most of the bay area. we see a few patches of fog leaned close to the coastline and spilling into the golden gate we have seen bricks of sunshine for parts of the coast. now the fog is expected to fill back into our morning but it will be very minimal. mainly along the coastline it will not last very long at all. it is clearing out by new enterprise one of very quickly in places like
by the way. at the university of michigan to give people people not problems, one set of groups 10 minutes to solve problems face-to-face and they did very well solving problems. give another set of groups 30 minutes to solve, but they had to communicate by e-mail and those groups could not solve the problems. beware of teleconferencing. face-to-face is just a lot better. some people have the ability to read those things and some don't. the fifth trade i would list is called propriety. the ability to set up scaffolds to control some of your impulses are the most famous experiment in this field, which many of you know is called the marshmallow experiment, done by a kind and walter michelle. michelle took four euros, put them in a room, put marshmallows at a table in front of them. said if you've now, only from a comeback in 10 minutes. if you have any in the marshmallow, i'll give you two. he showed me videos of the kids not getting the marshmallow. there's a little girl baby in her head on the table. one day michelle used an oreo cookie. the guy picks up the oreo, carefully thought the met
. republican michigan congressman fred upton said this and i'm quoting, for an administration that talks about transparency they fought as you tooth and nail to hand over relevant documents and today we found out why. there are also connections about the connection of a tuls businessman named george kaiser. he is a big democratic donor, he's been to the white house four times by our counts. he is an investor in this country, so are his associates. we don't know exactly what part he played this this. but a lot of congress members would like to know what part he played in this. the energy department says, look you win some you lose some, this company failed but you cannot stop investing in green envelope because they believe that is the future. megyn: i want to tell our viewers that the man who coauthored that letter with upton is cliff stearns. he's on the house and energy commerce committee. heeds that up. he's been investigating this. he was among those who warned, said to the white house, this doesn't look like a good loan, why are you doing this? what is behind this. and now has been able t
have delivered the speech from the oval office or a factory in michigan, but chose it to be in a joint session of congress. he gives me plenty of substance to disagree with, and i feel no need to go after the president as a person, and cnn's own james carville said the president was out of bounds. there were a lot of choices to be made here, but the choice he made was to put this on the night of a republican debate that had been scheduled for months months. >> were there really a lot of choices if you look at that week? >> yeah, can you narrow it down to one of two days, and by the way there was still thursday, the day we landed on. that was another choice. >> well then you have the nfl game. >> well, there's something on every night. some are saying he doesn't need to give the speech in front of a joint session, but if he is going to take them to task, shouldn't congress there? >> is that what he's going to do, randi? >> he has not shared his plan with me yet. >> is that the motivation? to take congress to task? i think the motivation is to unvoil a jobs plan that for some reason we h
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